One week with my mom

Hello world,

My dad is in Guatamala, so one week with my mom. Every business trip of my dad, something happens to me. Once I fell with my head on the corner of the table, got a scar which looks very tough. I was only 1 years old. Twice I had very high fever.

This week more things happened. Sunday I was looking Tom and Jerry on my parents bed. I was so funny, I had to laugh very hard and I fell off the bed on my head. Bumb and blue spot on the head. On Monday Daen and I found a worm, who bit me. On Tuesday we were playing hockey on the childscare, I lost from the hockeystick. I got a bleading nose and it is also blue now. Blue head and blue nose…. blue is my favorite colour, hi hi. So we had a lot to explain to my dad…..

On Friday and Saturday I could sleep in mom's bed, very happy about it, told the whole world. At last, I always have to sleep alone. Explain to me: Why do parents sleep together and the children have to sleep alone???

Zubbert from Shasa.


5 Years

Hello World,

Time flies when you are having fun! I am in group 2 at school. Now we, students of group 2 (hi hi), have te help the new kids in group 1. I start to have interest in numbers and letters and getting good at it. We even practise with games on the i-pad, invention of the century. We have a new teacher, juf Herma, she is very nice. We have fun together!

On september 29th, my cousin twins were born, Siem and Mara. They were so small when we saw them in the hospital. After a few days, they all went heathy home. Everybody is very happy, more kids more fun! Now they are already 3 months, growing very fast!

In the Autumn school holiday Esther, Gijs, Joost, mom, dad & I went to Egypt for a week. We had great weather, every day sun, dry and 34 degrees. Every day to the beach and swimmingpool with 7 glides, wow, cool! During every meal I could choose of a lot of different dishes and (mjammie) desserts. After dinner our parents played Mah Yong every evening on the terrace, while we rest for the next day beach. What do you want more in life?

My friend Anne-Rose, her parents Shilpi and Wout, moved back to Austria. We visited them the first weekend of November. They are very happy with their great appartments in St. Ulrich. We made a nice walk along the Pillersee. Beautiful surrounding. We look forward to going there again.

In December Sinterklaas and his pieten came to the Netherlands. If you ask me, if I was a sweet boy the last year? My answer: A little naughty is ok! I had a great time: With school to the pietenboat and on December 5th Sint and 2 pieten came to the school. When we visited Fedde and Eveline, the pieten knocked on the window and left a big bag with many presents for Siem, Mara and me. Because they are still babies, I could open all the gifts. Thak you Sinterklaasje… In the afternoon we went to a Sinterklaas show in the theater. It was great!

On December 16th it was my birthday, I became 5 years old, finally, last of the boys in group 2. On Friday I invited 5 boys to my party: Daen, Florian, Seb, Jim and Imre. My mom had great plans, lunch 1 hour, child seeking 1 hour, decoration of treasure boxes 1/2 hour. Actually…. we are too smart, so the seeking was only 15 minutes. Lunch is not important. So we played with the Geotrax trains almost the whole afternoon. We had a great time. On Saturday more friends and family came to the house. Wow, thank you for all the beautiful presents. Lou, Jip, Lucas, Silas, Livia, Amber, Tycho, parents and family, thanks you for your nice visit! We had a great time!

Almost Christmas holidays: We had a nice Christmasdinner at school. Every parent made a dish with nice food. I have seen very creative ones, all very mjammie ones. It looked as if I did not get any food at home, but the food was really very nice. On Christmas Eve when had dinner at Martin and Jose. Aunty Nienke and Michel made the starter, all tapas, they loved it…. I got cookies. Granddad, grandma and dad prepared the headdish. Fedde and Eveline took serveral nice cheese, bread and chocolate for dessert. That was already too late for me, so I went to bed. I slept over and wanted to stay for 100 days, hi hi.

On the 25th Susanne, Hendrik and their parents came to visit us. They loved the walk through the old parts of Deventer. We played in the house and my dad prepared a great dinner. On the 26th Esther, Gijs and Joost visited us. Joost went to bed, slept for 4 houres, so our parents could play the finals of their Mah Yong games…. and the winner is: Team Deventer. We are the champions, we are the champions… So we look forward to our price: Jam Tha lunch. That day we had the greatest amuses during the whole afternoon and evening! Great Christmas!

In these holidays we did very nice things. Lunch with Pho Pho, Kong Kong and my mom in Arnhem, especially the chocolate, chocolate cake and the glide from my mom's work. We also bought new things for the Chirstmas tree for grandma Jose. In blue because we both love blue. We also visted my dad's new office in Zwolle, looked great and took the train home. With granddad Martin and my dad we went to the winter circus, all those animals, I loved it. Last Thursday they took me to the cinema to see the movie The Chipmunks. Too spoilt? Neeeeee. Today the last day of the holidays, nice walk in the forrest with pancake.

Tomorrow back to school, a new year with new challenges! Great world, here I come!

Big hug from Shasa.



Dear World, have been to Thailand this summer. Here our story.

I loved the tuk tuk (kind of taxi/scooter). It took us trough the city. We had a hotel with swimming pool on the roof, vet cool. We saw some beautiful temples, so many temples… Mom and dad did some shopping and went to the tailor. I got my angry bird t-shirts and toys. Wow, they have lots of it. We had sushi, all you can eat for 7,50 euro, all the dishes were passing by and I was taking all the plates off for mom and dad. I did not like the sushi, but love the fish. And getting all the plates off… The bicycle tour was the greatest. We met some nice families and saw the real Bangkok.

River Kwai:
We went to the floating market, too busy, but I got my mini tuk tuk in blue and red. Taking the train along the River Kwai was cool. It was an old Diesel train. We had to go by boat to our hotel along the river, funny. Our hotel also had a nice swimming pool, where I can make waterbombs. Hi, hi. The waterfall of 7 layers was beautiful, we could swim in every layer. Small cleaning fishes suck on your feet, strange. We walked in the bridge of the River Kwai, very special. Then we took the night train to the south. I liked it, but my mom and dad will not do it again.

Ko Pangang:
We had a nice resort along the beach. My parents got good massages next to the swimming pool, so I could also watch what they where doing. The dinners were on the beach, with your feet in the sand and BBQ on the beach, mmm.
Here I hurt my feet. We were climbing on rock, I slipped and slide into an open shell. A lot of blood and deep wound, but my dad cleaned it, put sterilon and bandage on it, I was a tough boy. Walked a little strange for 3 days, but could play a lot angry birds and watched Tom & Jerry on the i-pad. I love this very much at the moment, especially if you have to wait during the travelling.

Ko Tao:
Also a great resort on the mountainside. We could take the hotel taxi down to the beach, but we did not miss the beach. On the swimming pool we had great view over part of Island. The food was also very nice, here they had pizza's and pasta's, mmm. My dad got a sore throat and a cold, so diving was not possible. Still he enjoyed it very much, reading a lot of books.
During the trip we met the same boys and girls, so I had lots of friends to play with on both Islands.

We had a great holiday. Enjoy the pictures! I did, big hug, Shasa


4 and a half

Dear world,

Already 4 and a half….. I am going to school for 6 months. Even got my first CITO test, yes, already on this age. Results: I am good in numbers and on average in letters. Well, the teacher says I am smart enough, but like to play the whole day. Still 4 and a half, so why study so hard? Next year I go to group 2. Now I earned 6 weeks of summer holiday to rest. Going to Thailand for 3 weeks, hard working, big offer, hi hi.

Started swimming lessons in March, want to be a diver like my dad. I am in group 3 now, I get my degree after group 5. The other day I said: "I do not want to go to swimming lessons….. I have to swim the whole time". Hi hi. You understand I like to relax more than work…..

In May We went to visit my grandmother in New York. She is becoming 90 years old, wow. I believe everybody will become 100 years and then you become a baby again. We had a great time with our family. Coney Island and the playground at the Mc Donalds was fun! But a whole day shopping on woodburry's??? My question: Why fly to far, if there is no beach? I told my mom: No beach, no long flight! Hi, hi, little boss.

In June we went a weekend to Movie Park in Germany, vet cool. The most coolest activity was the Dora waterfall. Mom and I sat in a tree-trunk in a waterstream, frist we went up a high hill and then also down. My mom screamed and closed her eyes….. I yelled: "one more time, one more time".

Last weekend Ana, Pepe & Miguel came to visit. We had a nice time and lovely lunches/dinners, but I always have to protect my toys when smaller children (baby's) are around. Now I earned 6 weeks of summer holiday to rest. Going to Thailand for 3 weeks, hard working, big offer, hi hi. Bye, bye, till end of August.

High five & boks, Shasa (ps. pictures are following)


I am 4 years!

Hello world,
I am 4 years now, a new world has opened up! First my birthday. I had a nice day got very nice gifts. Mystery Island for Thomas from Ka Wah, Ka Chun, Pho Pho and Kong Kong. From Fedde, Evelien, Nienke and Han I got a race course of cars. My friends Daen, Benjamin, Lucas en Coco were also at my party. I got such nice things, I even did not want to eat cake. And that means something…..

From my grandfather Martin and grandmother Jose I got my first bike, later in February. The bike is VET COOL, with blue and black and grey and silver. It als has a stick on the back with a flag with Spongebob. And a blue lock with a real key. Blue is my favorite colour, I am a boy! My mom bought me nice lamps of cars. I showed my bike to everyone in the street, just drove into every store, hi hi. The first week I want to go on the bike every day. Even in the rain I took my parents out to Busloo in the rain, brrr. Still every weekend I take the bike out to discover the world!

I am going to school and to a childscare for big boys since January. Making nice new friends and learning a lot. My friends Daen and Mila from the old childscare are also on our school. I like making puzzles, gym and being juf Wendy's "hulpje" the most. If you are juf Wendy's hulpje for one day, you may sit next to her. We can choose first what we want te play with and we go on the double bike outside. There is only one of this cool bike. Vet cool. The new childscare is called Bixo. I love to go there, we play a lot outside and they have nice toys.

In February we also visted our dear friends Ana, Pepe and Miguel. We took the plane to Madrid and drove to Ubeda (4 houres south) to Tito's, my dear friend with the big moustache. Tito and his wife have a very nice house with several rooms between the olive fields. We went our to the olive fields searching for olives. Mom and I were water hunters, following the waterfalls which provides the olive tree from water. We also went to the olive museum and factory to see how to make olive oil. In the evening Tito wife made very nice food for us, mmm. On the way back to Madrid we visited the parents of Pepe in La Guardia. Nice people, also had nice food. The last day we stayed in Madrid again in Ana and Pepe's new house close to a very nice park. We had a great time.

Last Friday I started with swimming lessons. I could choose my own swimming suit. Of course I chose a blue on. I got a pass with my picture on it. I ask right away if there is money on the pass. Fast learner… I am in a group of 8 tough boys, all starting for the first time. First we started to do some exercise in the water where we copuld stand, but at the end we already jumped in the deep water. I love the lessons and want to go again soon. Next week Jose and Martin are taking me to swimming lessons, because my parents are going to Rome for three days. I let them loose for the first time, how will they manage without me? Hi hi. i will have a great time staying and my grandparents.

Spreak to you soon! Pictures are following…Big Kiss , Shasa


Hong Kong & Bali 2010

Hello world,
For the first time to my family in Hong Kong. I loved my cousin Ying Ying. We had some delicious lunches with friends and family. And of course she had to do some shopping…

Bali was great! We had a nice hotel with tv, dvd, nice beach and a swimming pool with a big slide. What does a 3 year boy need more? Every day we started with a breakfast with eggs and croissants and went to the beach. My mom and I went looking for shells, snails and crabs. We played in the sand. In the afternoon we went to the swimmingpool and went from around 20 times from the s big slide. Every afternoon there was a kind of contest for children at three, where we always went watching. I also once jointed one contest: pillow fighting. I was the youngest and a lost with a big smile on my face. Next year I will beat them, yeah!

We als went 4 days to the East, so my father could dive there. This was a more quiet resort, a beach with stones and a nice pool. In the morning we waved my father goodbye on the beach and went searching for snails. During the day all the people went diving, so my mom and I had a private pool. We also went snorkeling around the wreck one day from a boat. I even swam in the sea and saw big blue seastars and nice fishes. On the way back we also visited a Safari Zoo. I liked the Komodo Varan the most, big lizards with big claws. And the fishes who ate a whole chicken impressed me very much.

At home I ask my mom if we could have those fishes too. Why not? I always ask: Why? Irritating? No….I just want to know everything, ha ha.

I had a great holiday! Coming home was another story. Too cold in the Netherlands! Brrr. Below zero in November? I got new snowboots, so now I like to play in the snow. I started to go to school 2 mornings per week week, to get used to it. I love juf Wendy, she is really sweet. Then Sinterklaas came to the Netherlands. I am always very sweet (ahum), so he came to the school, at home and at my grandmother. I got very nice presents, thank you Sinterklaasje! Next week my 4th Birthday, look forward to it.

Everybody happy Christmas ans the best wishes for 2011! Big Kisses, Shasa


Summer 2010

Hello world,
Summer in the Netherlands, not very good weather, but we still had a lot of fun. See pictures. We went different times to my Jeh jeh and Pho pho in Twello. They have a big garden, where I always can water the plants even when it is raining, hi hi.

We went different times to the Zoo in Arnhem. I really love the pinguins and the playground. The glide is my favourite. There is also a great playground at my grandmother Jose and grandfather Martin. I go there every Thursday. We also went to Bussloo, a lake with beaches. Wiebe and my dad went diving there and my mom and I played on the beach.

My dad has a new office. One day we went to IJmuiden to a fishrestaurant with my old grandma Olga. She has not been there for a very long time. The fish was very nice. Mjammie, mjammie, delicious! Together with her we went to see my daddy's new office. Very white with a little bit colour, I always say.

When it is raining, I still like my trains very much. I can play with them for houres. Do not what to go to bed anymore. And of course the tv, who does not like it??? This summer I also discovered the computer. I can play games and look films on it. I can also type my name and some other words.

I am starting to skip my naps in the afternoon. I am a big boy now. Starting to do things on my own. No diapers during the day for a few months. At night I am starting to wake up and going to the toilet. In November I am going to school to try out some times in the morning. And in January I am going for real. My friends from the childscarecenter Mila and Daen are going there too.

Not good weather, but a very nice summer! What will the fall bring us?
With Love, Shasa.


Holiday Bodrum

Hello World,
Two weeks of sun, sea and beach. What else does a three year old boy whats? We had a great time in Hapimag Bodrum. We went to the beach and swimmingpool every day. I do not like those orange floating things around my arm, so my dad bought me a swimmingvest like Diego (animal rescuer from the cartoon). First I was a little scared, but after a day I went out alone. Of course I had my dearest friend Laura from Germany to look after me. She was there also for 2 weeks with her nice family. There were also a lot of children from my age. They al spoke different language, but I did not care about that.

Wiebe also joint us for one week. My dad and Wiebe went diving around Bodrum and saw some nice wrecks, snails and octopuses. We had a nice appartment and Wiebe slept in my room. I told him he could sleep with my (spare) Knuf so he won't be alone at night. When I woke up, my mom told me I had to let Wiebe sleep, so I did as a big boy.

The weather was very nice. The first week it was about 38 degrees… but with a little wind it was ok. One day we had rain. After that we saw a lot of snails on the road. We saved them by putting them in the bushes. Some of them got ander the little cars in the parc. My theory: the ants takes the snails back to their holes, pump them up and put bandage on them. So they walk out the holes the next day…

Big hug Shasa xxx (p.s. pictures are coming soon)


Zaragoza, Madrid

Hello World,
Another worldtrip, this time together with my grandma Jose and my granddad Martin… It started in the airplane to Madrid. No television? Fasten my seatbelt, by myself. I ask my grandma Jose to put the bottle in the bag, no need, because the food is coming… The sandwiches were nice and the ladies as well. Ana, Pepe and Miguel were waiting and brought me a big balloon of Roary, wow. After a lunch at their house, we took the Gordon train to Zaragoza en spend the weekend at Ana's parents. They are so lovely!

After the weekend we went by train again back to Madrid. We had beautiful weather and nice food the whole week, mmm. Really nice food for my parents: tapas, Brasilian, Argentinian… very nice and a lot! They have bread, french fries and sauce everywere for me… We went to some parks with playgrounds, I had a great time. One day we went to the Zoo, I loved the pinguins, the can swim very funny. We also saw elephants, giraffs, dolphins, snakes and lots of other animals. Of course my mom had to do some shopping, but 3 days!!! I forgive her, because she also bought nice things for me. Miguel starts to make some noise, saying all the time: TO. It is not TO, but AUTO (car in dutch). I can not wait till he starts walking and talk normal, ready to rule the world. Another week of fun…now back to normal. Hard job at the childscare, keeping the ladies at work. Hi hi. Pictures coming soon!

Hugs and Kisses, Shasa


Christmas and New Year’s

On Christmas Eve we went to Martin and Jose. Evelien, Fedde, Nienke and Han were there as well. Santa put nice gifts for all of us under the nice tree of grandma Jose. I got the job to give them to everybody….. I also opened them, hi hi. After that I got pancakes, mmm. On the first day of Christmas Esther and Gijs came. When I had my nap, they played Ma Yong. After that…gifts again, wow. Santa finds me everywhere, I must be a very sweet boy. We had a nice dinner again. We made a nice walk in the forrest on the second Christmas day in the snow. The day after we went to visit Shilpi, Wout and Anne-Rose. Anne-Rose and I played with "klei" and watched some tv. We had a great Christmas time with family and good friends.

On the 31th my mom's family and family Ho came. Mom and dad made a lot of nice tapas. Mom bought some fireworks, but I did not like is very much. The sparkles of the stars fell on my hand and I do not like the loud things. I got a remise (sleeping place for trains) from my pho pho. I love it, play with it every day since. We had great fun, did not go to bed till 23.00 o'clock. Sze Man read some books to me before going to sleep. Missed the great fireworks, but have my whole life ahead of me…

It is snowing for about 2 weeks. The first time I really realise it. I like the snow, but not the cold…..